Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Longing for love

The world is full of beautiful roses,
The world’s full of blooming flowers,
But the sky is enlightened by just one moon,
Though there are a million stars.

O love, you are the moon of my night,
O love, you are the sun of my day,
O love, you are a candle in the dark,
My heart is where you stay.
O love, I miss your charming smile,
O love, I die to see your pretty face,
O love, I live with the hope of life,
And I feel we’ll meet again, someday.

The days roll by and the nights wash out,
The evenings pass in solitude,
Girls walk past with flashy styles,
But no one has that attitude.

O love, the way you talk is a style,
O love, the way you walk is a grace,
O love, your voice is the greatest score,
You have rightfully earned my praise.
O love, I miss the way you loved me back,
O love, I miss you every day,
O love, all was right in our life,
Then how did we lose the way, someday?

I will show how much I love you,
I will pluck the stars for you,
I will make you mine forever,
Once again, you will love me too.

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