Thursday, 15 August 2019

एक द्रवित हृदय अभागा है

कुछ टूटा टूटा सा है
कुछ खाली खाली अंदर है
नींद हुईं गुम आंखो से
मन में उमड़ रहा समन्दर है
क्या रिश्तों की गरिमा है
क्या प्यार मोहब्बत के बंधन
बस एक झूठा सा किस्सा है
और एक ज़हरीला आलिंगन
हृदय विदारक सच्चाई
और धुंध में लिपटी गाथा है
लिखने वाला कोई कवि नहीं
बस द्रवित हृदय अभागा है

Monday, 3 December 2018


It was dark in my castle, and I was trapped in chains,
The laughter was broken, few splinters did remain,
I watched you walk inside, sun following your trail,
Your touch ignited fire, melted me out of jail,
A poet was liberated, a lover was revived,
Like blood you flowed inside me, like ink in pen that dried,
How dear I hold you to my soul, in a line I'll define,
Wordsworth had his daffodils, Wordsmith found DANDELION.

Jungle Queen

Oh my jungle queen,
Where have you been?
I have wandered through the woods,
Yet you stayed unseen,
Were you hiding in a cave,
Or sleeping in your den,
I doubt it is either,
For everywhere I have been,
I searched the depth of lakes,
And the Pinnacle of the trees,
I prayed to the Gaia;  pleaded to Artemis,
There wasn't a god left to please.

Now that I see you,
I know why I couldn't see,
'tis was your radiance,
That simply blinded me,
You were in my vision,
Yet u stayed unseen,
But now that i can see you,
I'll capture you in my dreams.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

You complete me

Do you know what you mean to me?
You are my life, my destiny,
Without you I am just wandering,
Like a spaceman longing gravity,
Like Beethoven without symphony,
Like a speaker needing addressee,
Like a poet wanting a paper blank,
Like newton minus apple tree.

Yes! You complete me,
In ways you’ll never know,
I need you closer,
Closer than my own soul can go.

I’ll assimilate you, in my existence,
My love will be forever persistent,
I’ll breathe you, till I am breathing,
I need you for my subsistence.

Yes that is what you mean to me,
My life, my destiny,
You’re the oasis I am searching for,

In a world of mirages plenty.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Burden

‘Can you decode the pain I hide?
The tears I shed, in darkness alone,
Can you not sense, my smiles are weak?
The reason I crumble like a stone
Like a stone whose bore the brunt of fear,
And the frigidness of the world’s icy stares,
Like those rocks getting punched by the waves,
Rising high from the sea of despair?