Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The story of Barney Stinson

 "This is a token of thanks for the most awesome TV character ever, who entertained was 9 years straight without fail. Barney Stinson- The life and soul of HIMYM"

It was just me and you,
I knew what you wanted to do,
A look in your eyes and I knew,
How this will end too.

Yes I have always been mean and so I didn’t tell,
How could have said no to you, for my charm you fell,
We ended up spending the night in the bed,
Left our bodies all scratched, sweaty and red,
But now that it’s over, why don’t you understand?
Baby it was just a one night stand.

I know you thought I was your perfect dream,
But I fear I am just not right for this scene,
And it has been my story, has always been,
Every morning I leave a women talking in screams,
Alas! I can’t leave a candy like you slip out of hand,
Like a stream of water, you wet my desert sand,
And I may rot in hell, but sorry I just can’t,
I love saying the line “slam, bang, thank you mam!”

Pulling pages out of my playbook, fooling the dames,
I have “screwed” women from every country you name,
And yes there have been times, when I did fall in love,
When I tried to mend my ways, but it never worked,
I even tried marriage, but it ended pretty fast,
Lorenzo von Matterhorn was back living his past.

I had a perfect month, as I drained myself,
Little did I know that it would be “The end”,
The end rang me up, I’m pregnant she said,
I ended up in an hospital; unprepared,
Friends pushed me inside, my world came to halt,
As I picked up that bundle of joy, I was lost,
Moved to tears, she was a godsend,
For every new beginning, there has to be an end.

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