Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cold Betrayal

I waited in rain, I waited in snow,
I waited for you, but the answer was no,
The answer was no, you didn’t even see,
As I waited watching, the time began to grow,
And as time grew on, making me old,
I waited for you to come and scold,
To show me my fault, as I froze to death,
But you left me out, dead and cold.

You didn’t listen to me, knocking on your door,
Baby you had me in, many times before,
What did I do, to make you change the locks?
It snowed grief on me; I froze in the shock,
I tried to decipher, but couldn’t contemplate,
I sank under snow, cursing my wretched fate,
No matter how loud, I tried to call you out,
Warming by the fire, you didn’t hear my shouts.

The night disappeared, in a day shiny bright,
The sun danced merrily, showering the light,
The snow melted out, but you didn’t thaw,
You left me dying sorry, for an unknown flaw,
I saw it; realised, with tears in my eyes,
As you stepped over me; with him by your side.

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