Monday, 5 August 2013

My parents, My gods

I still remember when I was wrong,
You were always there to set me right,
I think of time when I had a fall,
You came running at my distress call,
When I thought that the world hated me,
You were there to shower your love,
And I will say it a million times,
I love you dad, I love you mom, and I thank the gods above.

The world pushed me in the depth to drown,
I never sunk because you were holding on,
And when the waves rose high,
You lifted me up in the air,
You gave me ray of hope,
Through the clouds of despair,
And when it rained sad,
An umbrella you became,
Protecting the child within me,
From the drops of that pain,
When my sky burned,
You came as a breeze,
When I was melting down,
Your care made me freeze,
And when I was buried,
Under that frigid snow,
Someone kept me warm,
You were the one; I know.
I still remember when I lost my smile,
You were always there to make me laugh,
When I looked at you with watery eyes,
You stuck to me soaking up all that is rough,
And yes I know how much I may try,
I can never return all that of your love,
Indebted is my life to you,
I love you mom, I love you dad, and you’re my god above.

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