Sunday, 10 March 2013

Don't leave me, lover

Ask my heart, ask my soul,
How terrible I feel,
Have inflicted such a wound,
Will take ages to heal.

I haven’t been faithful to you,
Promise I won’t do it again,
No name will come on my lips,
Come gale, snow, wind or rain.

Ask my heart, ask my soul,
I only think of you,
Yes I lied, call me a cheat,
But now what I say is true.

Shattered I carry this guilt,
I see your tears wherever I see,
Hold me; give me one more chance,
And never let me free.

I am ready to dance on flames,
To prove that I won’t cheat,
Whatever tracks you leave on sand,
I will follow your feet.

Come and stop my tears that roll,
Save me from dark despair,
One last chance is all I crave,
Just say you love me dear.

1 comment:

  1. uber-fine! however, I find that love sucks; just another four-letter word, I'm not angry nor am I bitter, I prefer life to be more genuine than with L-O-V-E to muck up the works. another four-letter word is K-I-S-S; a method I prefer for my life and whatever time remains in it.
    *keep it simple, stupido