Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Goodbye Love

Every time the wind blows in my face,
I feel the love we had, just blew away,
Every time I reach at a cross-road,
I see the time, we parted way.

Every day as I open the door for sun,
I feel our love being melted down,
Every time I step in for a shower,
I can see our love, getting drowned.

The love we had is a history,
Now all I see is my misery,
Relight my love, relight my life,
Before I am lost in a mystery.

Every time it rains, I check my eyes,
It reminds me of the time I broke,
Every song I hear, I hear your voice,
And then I hear the last words you spoke.

Every night I swim in the despair,
Every day I fear the life, I cry,
Every single moment I breathe in air,
I choke remembering your last good bye.

The love we had is a history,
Now all I see is my misery,
Good bye my love, good bye my life,
I just watch the death taste victory.


  1. a very touching poem i must say....

  2. Nice!! Really touched me. Only the line "Relight my love, relight my life" confused me a little, because it left me thinking whether the poet wants his lover to come back or is making peace with the goodbye. But very well written!

  3. Wow what a beautiful poem. Very touching!