Friday, 29 March 2013

Free from your love

My eyes are open, I am awaken,
My belief, my trust, lies there shaken,
Am happy that it has finally ended,
Am sorry, so long it has taken,
Now when I look back at the past,
Only curses come out with a blast.
I hate you.

Never knew what you wanted from me,
I had the love, but never felt free,
Now I feel free from your hypocrisy,
Am sorry, but that is the truth I see,
Now that I try to relive those days,
My heart cries foul and all it says,
I hate you.

I hate you,
Hate those nights, hate those noon,
I hate you,
Hate the stars, hate the moon,
All I want,
I try is to bury that pain,
I am sorry,
But this is the death of my love for you.

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