Wednesday, 27 February 2013

When friends betray

I stand alone,
I am sinking deep,
And what’s more sad,
I have none to weep,
I cry alone,
I am buried in trench,
My eyes outpour,
I am all so drenched.

Dirty, stinking souls around me,
Plaguing my life to the core,
Friends who tell me to battle the waves,
But will never help me to shore.

I wish I could go,
Back to the days of love,
True and pure hearts around,
Everyone was friend,
Everyone was true,
Such friends cannot be found.

But alas I knew,
It couldn’t happen true,
Friends are what I will miss all time,
So many times,
I have seen my tears hit the dust,
I wish I was blind.

I spread my hands,
I pray to the god,
Give me someone to whom I may talk,
I look at the door,
It’s beginning to creak,
Will it open and in someone walk?

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