Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pieces of me

It’s over now, all of my dreams,
All of my desires for whom I burned,
We have gone far, so far from the point,
We have gone to the point of no return.

No longer I feel the desire,
Desire to make you smile,
I am busy collecting the pieces of,
The pieces of my life.

I have to put those pieces back,
To stitch my world back again,
And I have replaced your piece,
Replaced it with a piece of pain.

No longer I see the reason,
Reason to help you through,
I am busy setting to fire,
The pieces of me you threw.

But I promise you this today,
I will phase this pain out,
I will smile, I will laugh again,
I will love again, no doubt.

I will change that piece of pain,
With someone’s piece of love,
You may try to stick in your piece,
But I will place a piece above.


  1. I love this piece. Can feel the pain then triumph!

    1. Thank you mate...this one came straight from my heart.