Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bitten by an Angel

I was a devil and I couldn’t see,
I just believed the demons around me,
I did and said the stuff I shouldn’t have done,
But thank heavens I was saved, saved by the heavens,
I spent my time with the angel he sent,
And I killed the devil within,
But such is my fate, down again I fell,
This time: bitten by an angel.

Bitten by an angel,
I don’t know how she turned like that,
Bitten by an angel,
She bit my heart off for my past,
Bitten by an angel.
Who says the heavens are true,
Heavens are just,
Heavens won’t let you rust,
Here I stand,
For all to see,
What the heavens did to me.

I know all of you; have a story to tell,
But none has been, bitten by an angel.

Bitten by an angel,
I have my doubts about her now,
Bitten by an angel,
Was she a fox wearing a cow?
Bitten by an angel.
I don’t know whether she’s true,
Whether she’s fair,
But I am trapped in her lair,
And more I try,
To break free and fly,
I know I’ll simply die.

I know all of you, must have been through hell,
But none has been; bitten by an angel.

1 comment:

  1. That's quite an experience, bitten by an Angel. Like your write.