Sunday, 10 February 2013

Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me, am sorry for what I’ve done,
Standing on my grave, my eyes sweat out in the sun,
My heart bleeds out, the blood falls down and writes,
Forgive me, am sorry let me survive.

I am sorry for the June,
I am sorry for December,
Sorry for what you forgot,
Sorry for what you remember,
I am sorry for my smiles,
I am sorry for your tears,
I am sorry for whatever,
Has hurt you my dear.

What I did, I didn’t do it to hurt you,
What I said, was a sin, I know it’s true,
Do tell me what I should do, to make you smile,
Forgive me, am sorry let me survive.

I am sorry for the days,
I am sorry for the nights,
Sorry for what is wrong,
Even sorry for the right,
I am sorry for the bad,
I am sorry for the worse,
My head is down,
You have the right to curse.

But please forgive me; I’m in such a pain,
I stand thirsty, soaking in this rain,
Please forgive me, my soul is pleading,
I am at your mercy, I am not misleading.

Show me the light, end my darkest days,
Please forgive me; I am sorry I say,
Please forgive me, please change my fate,
Show me the mercy, I just stand and wait.

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