Friday, 22 February 2013

Sick of the Sea

You may say that you don’t see,
The tears in my eyes,
Cause they have been washed away,
By the waves that rise.

Trust me when I confess, yes I am a wreck,
I look for you in the sky, standing on the deck,
In your arms is the place, I so crave to be,
But I can’t find a way out, I am sick of the sea.

The wind that blows fills me with,
The fragrance of your sweat,
Curse the day, I stepped on board,
The moment I regret.

And when the ship dances, to the tunes of waves,
It just brings out of my eyes, the water I have saved,
I just want to see you dance, holding on to me,
But can’t find a way to you, I am sick of the sea.

The wind, the waves, the salty smell and the pole star,
Reminds me of the truth, how much we are afar,
The ice that floats in the brine, brings forth my fear,
The fear of sinking in sea and losing you, my dear.

All the gold I may plunder, can never make me king,
The happiness I feel with you, gives me everything,
And if I could, I would come, fighting water deep,
‘Cause you are the medicine I need, I am sick of the sea.

1 comment:

  1. How sweet !!
    This is perfectly penned and written with a deep thought. The premise, the situations, the feelings, all perfectly elaborated.

    Kudos for writing it with such clarity !!
    Loved it.