Sunday, 22 December 2013

Save me from the Satan

Sometimes I just wonder, was it such a big mistake,
What you had for me, was it love or was it fake,
I feel like an angel, whose wings were clipped in air,
Fallen down as a mortal, as the Lucifer stares,
He is trying to get me, I sense it in his eyes,
Baby you can save me, don't just stand there and smile.

You have no ideation, what the Lucifer can do,
He will turn me into something, you'll regret it too,
I can feel it in my veins, the hatred pouring in,
His icy fingers strangulate me, the darkness boring in,
My heart is in his grip, it's squeezing out hate,
Smile as much as you can, he'll make you rue your fate,
And I will end this pain, and put an end to you,
I am warning you my love, what Lucifer can do,
He is luring me into, his world of hurt and cries,
Baby you can save me, don't just stand there and smile.

For every kiss we had, I'll pay you back in scars,
My blood is turning thick and dark like boiling tar,
My eyes are burning fire, charring my all desires,
Too late to save me now, I am in state so dire,
I am scratching out my love,  the feelings that I hold,
Burning in hellish fire, my soul is but so cold,
I know that you don't care, but mercy I do need,
Put a stake through my heart before I make you bleed,
Save me from the Satan, before I make you cry,
Baby you can save me,  don't just stand there and smile.

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