Monday, 10 March 2014

Summer - the season of lust/love (4 season quadrology)

Things are beginning to get hot,
We are getting so steamy,
Love listening to her whispers,
Staring in eyes so dreamy,
Love little bites that she gave,
Every moment for them I crave,
And when she gives me a kiss,
I know that I have entered,
Summer of love.

I love holding her so close,
Not a whiff of air in between,
I love her nibbling my ears,
Seems like to heaven I’ve been,
Love rolling in satin sheets,
My heart goes faster in speed,
And when my clothes are ripped off,
I know that I am in the,
Summer of love.

Make out, make out, make out, make out,
Its sweet, it’s fun, it’s great, it’s hot,
I love the smell of sweat she throws,
As the love in me begins to grow,
She bites, she screams, she cries in pain,
And whispers to me ‘love me again’,
I love the look of lust she gives,
In the summer of love, we are in.


  1. I appreciate the sensual appeal of the poem without the overtly erotic line uncrossed. Thanks Arch!

  2. Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's a bright new day!!! <3