Thursday, 5 December 2013


Never did I knew,
That the fate will put me,
In a place where I’ll find nowhere to go,
Never did I think,
That I’ll be feeling,
A mix of emotions those are hard to show.
Never did I think,
Never did I knew,
Never did I plan,
To face this dilemma,
Never!! Never!!

On one hand is my friend; on one hand is my heart,
I am standing in the middle of this raging war,
He cries bullets; her laughter drops the bombs,
I stand in crossfire, alone and unarmed,
Where do I go? Where do I hide?
This audience won’t let me survive,
Who do I tell? Who do I ask?
There isn’t anyone to show me the light.

Never did I plan,
So I cannot face,
The crossroads I am stuck at, only I know,
Never did I dream,
When I went to sleep,
That a nightmare in my life will show.

Should I betray my friend, shall I confess love?
Or should I sacrifice and put my heart to rust,
I can’t get what is right; I don’t know what is wrong,
I wish for sun to burn and melt me into dust,
How to escape? How to survive?
This audience wants to take my life,
Who do I ask? Who do I tell?
Shall I fade in dark or grab onto the light?

Never did I think,
Never did I knew,
Never did I dream,
That my world will be skewed,
And now that it’s happened,
I don’t know what to do.