Thursday, 18 December 2014

You complete me

Do you know what you mean to me?
You are my life, my destiny,
Without you I am just wandering,
Like a spaceman longing gravity,
Like Beethoven without symphony,
Like a speaker needing addressee,
Like a poet wanting a paper blank,
Like newton minus apple tree.

Yes! You complete me,
In ways you’ll never know,
I need you closer,
Closer than my own soul can go.

I’ll assimilate you, in my existence,
My love will be forever persistent,
I’ll breathe you, till I am breathing,
I need you for my subsistence.

Yes that is what you mean to me,
My life, my destiny,
You’re the oasis I am searching for,

In a world of mirages plenty.


  1. So sweeeeeet! Very lucky girl she is... :)

  2. Tremendous and profound .....proclamation.....