Saturday, 5 October 2013


I was a fool, you had me follow,
Sucked me and left me hollow,
You had what you craved for,
Broke me and left me to wallow.

You knew I had those feelings,
Brought me on the knees kneeling,
Leaving me nursing a scar,
That will never be healing.

So thanks for all you gave to me,
I’ll take theses scars to my grave to be,
But no, won’t take no more of them,
It’s time for me to unleash mayhem.

I know you will come back,
Try and catch me in your trap,
But guess what the fly I’m not,
Your silken threads will be left to rot.

This time I will be prepared,
Know these scars can’t be repaired,
Will kiss thy venomous lips,
To keep my pain always flared.

So thanks for all you did to me,
This pain I will make you feel,
And no you won’t get to run,
It’s time for love to witness mayhem.


  1. Arch, the pain and power of love is captured well within your poem. Thanks!

    1. Thanks. I am happy you appreciated the pain behind my words