Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Is it the price of love that I am paying?
Paying really bad,
I was going straight for my station,
You derailed me from track,
It was you, who broke the coupling,
You were the cause of hurt,
But you still hold me as guilty,
Claim that you are just,
It’s not true,
You know it,
You lie but,
Your eyes show it.

I am facing the world but am losing,
Losing the grip on self,
You played me till you bored out,
Dumped me on a shelf,
It was you, who ended the story,
Tore it up in shreds,
Scattered in dirt all pearls of laughter,
I had roped in thread,
I loved you,
You know it,
I still do,
I show it.

But you never did, and never will,
Your love was all fake, and I was just a fling,
I should have known, but I didn’t read,
I still love you, don’t know why? But I will never plead,
Cause you won’t understand, what love really is,
You are just a living being, with nothing living in,
And I will go on paying, the price of love I wove,
My life’s derailed from the track; I see darkness with no hope.

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