Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Negativity called life

"Written at height of my depressive phase...found it hiding in an old notebook of mine."

Sensing all the negative around me,
Feeling all the hatred surround me,
Seeing the friends betraying, hounds me,
Stabbers and bitchers have found me,
In this world of dark, of glum and sad,
I can’t find good, it all seems bad,
And what was bad seems to be getting worse,
Is my life totally plagued and cursed?

Why can’t I find, a truthful soul?
A shadow that can stay all true,
In this place; no love, just hate,
I try to find a piece of shade,
And I can’t blame you my god,
You’ve always failed, you’ve always lost,
And since the day, you created us,
You’ve been paying with blood the cost.

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