Tuesday, 30 July 2013

On my knees I fall

All I said, and all what I’ve done,
Makes me go through hell of pain,
Plead to god, he doesn’t respond,
Don’t know who I should blame,
Today I stand, so far away from you,
Force a smile, the guilt remains.

All I could do, to wipe it off,
Drain it down, out of my head,
Light up the stove, burn it to ash,
It rises like a phoenix from its death,
I fear, i think and I wonder how,
Will I ever go in peace to bed?

I am sorry,
And I mean it from the soul,
Make me free,
Save me, fill this gaping hole,
Oh angel! Have mercy!
I need your; sympathy,
Come rob me of my guilt,
Don’t leave me dying for the eternity.

All you have to do, you need to do to me,
Look in and read my eyes, to see how I feel,
Please forgive me now, I was dazed and lost,
I know I treated you, with a heart of the steel,
On my knees I fall, bow down my head,
Am sorry for my sins; forgive me please.

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