Sunday, 12 May 2013

True love never dies

I do not know,
Why you cannot see,
I have returned,
Just to be with thee,
But I believe you have shut your eyes from my side,
I stand in front but you still don’t read my eyes.

Why can’t you feel?
The love in my breath,
I came back for you,
From my very own death,
But what I see is you are still mourning that day,
Your eyes swell up with tears as you lay flowers on my grave.

Though I shout to,
Tell I am alive,
My words fall dead,
In front of my eyes,
And I see you’ve shut your ears, can’t hear my soul,
I try to feel your heart, it is dying and cold.

I step back in fear,
I know why you don’t understand,
There is no air between us,
Like in love of sun and sand,
I stand here alone,
I have finally realized,
I can’t reach the sea in you,
I am a moon without a tide.

I still have faith left,
You’ll walk away from me,
The love in my sighs,
Will finally let you see,
And I will wait for the time you realize,
The place for you is to move on with life.

Till that moment comes,
When your face will bloom in smiles,
I will be your guardian,
As I leave my footprints behind.


  1. It was so lovely.
    Any write up, poem or prose, appeals much more when by the end of it, you go back and read it all over again.
    It has that chilling magic and the deep seated pain of wanting the best for your loved one in life and beyond. So while you want to have them with you, while you are alive..... you want them to move on when you might be no more.

    Very deep and conveyed brilliantly.
    The last lines are especially touching. Very nice.
    Keep writing :)))